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Doctor and Patient


The Easy Mind Wellness Centre was founded in 2005 as a specialist psychiatric clinic with comprehensive clinical psychological service. It is located at the center of Causeway Bay in a building with multi-specialties medical specialists. It expanded into two branches by December 2019, launched its multi-disciplinary child assessment and treatment service with a professional team including a paediatrician, child and adolescent clinical psychologists, a educational psychologist, a speech therapist and an occupational therapist to strengthen its adult and geriatric service.


We believe that mental well-being is fundamental for everyone in modern city life. We pledge to uphold for all with the most accessible, professional and evidence based care.

Vision And Mission

Clinical Diagnosis, Medical Treatment, Counselling Service

Preschool Comprehensive Assessment, IQ Assessment, Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD Assessments

Individual Counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Marital Counselling, Family Therapy

What We Can Offer

Speech and Language Assessment, Social Skill Assessment and Intervention

Children handwriting, sensory integration functioning and preschool children motor skills development assessment

Forensic Report and Psychological report, admission to private hospital, ECT, r-TMS therapy

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