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Doctor and Patient

Occupational Therapy

Professional assessment in Occupational therapy

Handwriting assessment for application of accommodation for in-school and public examinations, assessment areas include:

  • Standardized Fine motor skills assessment

  • Standardized visual perception skills assessment

  • Handwriting speed test for primary and secondary school students

  • Clinical observation for pencil grip, hand grasp development and other areas that affect writing and reading

Clinical observation for sensory integration functioning that might affect children’s attention span, postural control, motor coordination and emotional stability

Clinical observation for fine motor skills development that could affect prewriting and self-care skills in preschool children

Under what circumstances do I need to bring elderly to have mental capacity assessment?

If elderly is going to sign the following documents and there is a doubt about their mental capacity, it would be suggested for them to have a formal assessment:

  • Will

  • Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

  • Advance Directive in relation to Medical Treatment (AD)

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