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Doctor and Patient


Ms. Leung Yee Ling, Elaine



  • 香港大學臨床心理學碩士(一等榮譽畢業)

  • 香港中文大學心理學學士後文憑

  • 香港中文大學工商管理學學士(甲級榮譽畢業)

  • 前香港心理學會臨床心理學組常務委員會行政主任

  • 香港心理學會臨床心理學組註冊臨床心理學家

  • 香港臨床心理學家協會會員

  • The University of Hong Kong Master of Social Sciences in Clinical Psychology (Distinction)

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Bachelor of Business Administration with Honors, First Class

  • Ex-Division Committee member, Division of Clinical Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society

  • Registered Clinical Psychologist and Member of Division of Clinical Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society

  • Member of Hong Kong Clinical Psychologist Association




  • 超過十四年心理評估及治療經驗

  • 私人執業臨床心理學家

  • 庭恩兒童中心會診臨床心理學家

  • 香港青年協會會診臨床心理學家

  • 香港醫院管理局總部臨床心理學家

  • 香港中文大學健康情緒中心臨床心理學家

  • 曾實習於衛生署兒童體能智力測驗中心、社會福利署中央心理輔助服務(學前服務)、香港警務署、葵涌醫院及瑪麗醫院

Professional Clinical Experience

  • Over 14 years of experience providing psychological assessment and treatment to clients

  • Private Practice Clinical Psychologist

  • Visiting Clinical Psychologist, Benji’s Centre

  • Visiting Clinical Psychologist, The H.K. Federation of Youth Groups

  • Clinical Psychologist, Corporate Clinical Psychology Services, Hospital Authority

  • Clinical Psychologist, Hong Kong Mood Disorders Center, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Clinical Placement at Child Assessment Centre (CAC) of Department of Health, Central Psychological Support Service Unit of Social Welfare Department, Hong Kong Police Force, Kwai Chung Hospital and Queen Mary Hospital


  • Ms. Elaine Leung is a Registered Clinical Psychologist of the Division of Clinical Psychology of Hong Kong Psychological Society (DCP, HKPS), who provides services including psychological assessment and treatment for children, adolescents, adults and elderly. She is the past Division Committee member of DCP, HKPS. Ms. Leung graduated at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree of Business administration, majoring in marketing with First Class Honors, in 2000. To further pursue her study, she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004. She also obtained a Master Degree of Social Sciences (Clinical Psychology) with Distinction at the University of Hong Kong in 2006.

  • Ms. Elaine Leung worked as a Clinical Psychologist at Hong Kong Mood Disorders Center of the Medical Faculty of CUHK since 2006. During this period, she conducted psychological assessment and treatment for patients with different psychiatric disorders (e.g. mood disorder, personality disorder, schizophrenia, etc.). She also being interviewed by various newspapers and magazines regarding public health topics like stress management and introduction of different mood disorders.

  • After leaving Hong Kong Mood Disorders Center, Ms. Leung worked as a Clinical Psychologist of Corporate Clinical Psychology Services at Hospital Authority. She was responsible for providing psychological services to HA staff. Moreover, she had to provide crisis intervention services during critical incident and large-scale disaster (e.g. Staff suicide, Sichuan Earthquake, H1N1 Swine Flu, etc.). She conducted different workshops and talks for the hospital staff in various topics, including psychiatric illnesses, stress management, positive psychology and relationship issues etc.

  • Ms. Leung had been invited to be the Visiting Clinical Psychologist of The H.K. Federation of Youth Groups and Benji’s Centre - the first and only charitable organization providing specialized professional speech therapy to children and teenagers with communication problem, especially those from low-income families. Ms. Leung served the parents of children with special needs. She also conducted different parenting workshops and talks.

  • Currently, Ms. Leung works as a Private Practice Clinical Psychologist. She cooperates with different Private Psychiatrists. She is experienced in conducting psychological assessment, as well as psychological treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and elderly. She has ample experience in assessing patients with intellectual disabilities, learning difficulties and cognitive impairment, such as attention deficit. She also treats various cases with different psychiatric illnesses, such as Mood Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Chronic Insomnia, Psychosomatic Disorder and Personality Disorders, etc.



  • 曾為不同學校、商業機構及社福團體舉辦各類有關兒童情緒行為問題、家長管教、成人精神病、壓力管理及如何提升抗逆力等研討會及工作坊

  • 曾接受不同傳媒訪問


Public education and Media Interview

  • Experiences in conducting talks and workshops for schools, companies and non-profit organizations regarding children behavioral problems, parenting tips, adult psychiatric problems, stress management and resilience training etc.

  • Have been interviewed by different magazines and newspaper e.g. See health Magazines, Sundae Mood and Mingpao, etc.

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