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Doctor and Patient



In the first half of the year, did any of the elderly members in your family experience the following situations?

No  / Yes 

  1. Easily forgetful and getting worse gradually

  2. Forgot things told by others

  3. Repeatedly asking the same questions over and over

  4. Forgot to turn off stove or close water tap

  5. Lost personal belongings repeatedly, e.g. wallet, keys etc.

  6. Failed to recognize friends or relatives

  7. Increase difficulty with handling financial affairs

  8. Increase difficulty expressing themselves

  9. Wandering at night, reversed sleep pattern

  • If the elderly has more than 2 of the above symptoms, he / she would be recommended to have an early assessment for his condition.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a decline in brain function, caused by brain cell pathological changes. In addition to memory deterioration, other cognitive abilities, such as language, judgment, execution, calculation, and decision-making will also getting worse with time. These symptoms will affect their daily activities and behavior.

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