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Psychological therapies are often prescribed on a routine basis, with sessions taking place every week or two. A program of sessions may last for a period of months, depending on the condition and severity experienced by the patient. Psychologist conducts clinical interviews and/or multidimensional forms of assessments to gather basic information about a client. This helps to draw up a basic understanding of a client’s situation and derive a treatment plan. They then apply psychological theories, tools and methods to assess and treat psychological problems. Psychological treatment usually emphasizes on the interaction of cognitive, emotional, behavioral and physiological aspects.


What is a clinical psychologist/ educational psychologist?

A clinical Psychologist or educational psychologist is a professional practicing an area of applied psychology. In Hong Kong, clinical psychologists/ educational psychologists are graduated from the master programs or doctoral programs of accredited universities and clinical programs.


What are the disease that can be managed by psychological treatment?


Psychological treatment can help with the following conditions:

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What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors that specialize in the pharmaceutical treatments of psychiatric illnesses. Psychologists specialize in the analysis and understanding of psychiatric illness and apply them in the treatment process. Psychologists are not medical practitioners, and they are not qualified for medical prescription. In treating psychiatric illnesses, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists work hand in hand to provide the most effective treatment.

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